Reset Check Engine Light On A8 D2 Using USB Vag-Com

I started the car in the garage a few times without driving it, it threw a check engine light on. Now I have a chance to use the new USB interface that I bought a while back with my netbook Acer AO751H in windows 7.

Laptop and USB vag-com 

obdII location and connection

usb connection

Turn on the ignition and we’re ready to go

This is the sequence of events on the computer when it sees the USB interface and the car.

out of date

first use config

detect interface

port test

Main Screen- select

select engine for check engine light

select fault codes-02 to see problems

select clear codes 05 to reset check engine light


thank you- the codes are cleared

Click go back a few times and exit at the main screen. For Airbag, select airbag module.



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