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Green Card Lottery Scam

Green Card Lottery Scam

America is a great place to live and many people from other countries love to settle here permanently and they do apply for the green card. One of my friend who’s in Germany and did apply for a green card …


Why people, who are tired of living, don’t just kill themselves instead of taking other people with them? Turned out they’re really murdered… San Francisco police discovered five adults dead in a home near City College of San Francisco Friday …

7 Popular Ways You Can Be Scammed

Times are tough and the scam artists work even harder to get our money. You’re smart, you’re financially savvy, and you’d never fall for one of those get-rich schemes. But that doesn’t mean you won’t get scammed. It’s easy to …

Protected: Building Fence

Building Fence

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

10 Painless Tricks To Save

[pageview url=”–10-painless-tricks.html” height=”500px” title=”10 ways to save” border=”yes” scrolling=”yes”]

Ta Restaurant In Milpitas, CA

Ta Restaurant In Milpitas, CA

2013-06-18 We went back to the restaurant for a family dinner and everything changed, the food that we used to like were no longer taste the same, either the chef had been replaced or the new recipes are no good. …

Movie Theater Price Shock

So, the movie ads on TV really got our kids to force me to take them to the movie theater, they couldn’t wait for the dvd to come out: Mysterious Island 2 in 3D. I took a day off from …

Having A Bad Day?

Sometimes we need to relax and appreciate how lucky we are, be positive and extremely grateful.

10 Things To Lower College Expense

Because of the poor economy, students now have more of a burden to help pay for their own college expenses. No one wants to rack up huge student loan debt to pay for it all, but nearly two-thirds of undergraduates …

Ten Ways To Pay For College Now

So you didn’t save. Maybe the costs of raising a family left you with nothing to squirrel away for your child’s higher education. Or perhaps you did save, but you’ve been hit hard by the downturn in the economy through …

10 Steps To Boost Your 401k Balance

The maximum amount an individual can save in a 401(k) is $16,500 a year, or $22,000 if you’re 50 or older. For 2012, it’s $17,000 or $22,500 if you’re 50 or older. If that’s attainable, go for it. If it …

Some Food Myths Busted

Some Food Myths Busted

 I’ve  always believed that picking up dropped food quick enough, the food would not be contaminated, well I’ve been wrong. This article does have some useful food myths busted. Food Myths Busted [pageview url=”” height=”500px” title=”Food Myths Busted” border=”yes” scrolling=”yes”]

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