First Grade Field Trip In Ardenwood Elementary

Last year, Brandon was in first grade and he had a field trip which I volunteered to help, the teacher was Mrs. Uriu. The place was Fremont Children’s Peace Pavilion.

It was quite a long walking distance from school, but it was well organized with many adult helpers, the walk was fun, safe and enjoyable.

getting ready to walk     walking locally

Mrs. Uriu is leading     The parents are happy helping

Mrs. Uriu is enjoying     it was hot but ok

keep walking     ready to cross the road

finally     Getting ready to enter

Orientation     are we having fun yet?

Let’s the peace begins.

Poem     Emotion Workshop

Peace Poems     Peace Poems

Team work     Team Work

Helping hands     craft

making things     making things

peace for everyone     peace for everyone

Peace for us     Peace for us

Peace for us     Peace for us

Rain Forest     The Rain Forest

It's over     Time to go home

The pavilion

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