Half Bathroom

After finishing up the Master bathroom (second page), we took a break while waiting for the Decolav sinks to arrived. We finished the half bath this weekend. Again, the wife doesn’t like the medicine cabinet and the big mirror, we went to TJmaxx again to get all the stuffs and here it went.

half bath half bath

Remove Medicine Cabinet

half bath half bath

half bath half bath

Granite & wood support: since the slab is small and with lot of cutting and drilling, the stone needs support under for not breaking off between its natural joints, we need to cut a 1/2″ plywood plate to put under the stone. We went to a nice granite supplier and get a broken piece for free, all we need was 22″ x 29″ for the vanity.

granite granite

Get everything ready for painting, new toilet and the painters are ready.

granite painter

painters top fitting

Painting is done, granite top fitting is next

granite toilet

toilet toilet

toilet toilet

toilet toilet

Set up the mirror and utility bar (jars of mints, floss, antacids…) for guests.

dressing up dressing up

dressing up dressing up

done done

Total costs:
-Granite = 0
-Decolav 1402 CWH sink = $75.
-Faucet = $48.
-Mirror = $40.
-Utility bar & jars = $40.
-Toilet = $163.
-Misc = $20.

Working together and finished a project = Priceless.


August 3rd,08

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