Lumix ZS8 System Error (Zoom) Fixed

2013-03-17 In case you found black spots on your images and the front lens was clean  – clean the back of the lens and ccd.

A few days ago, I left the Lumix ZS8 on the kid’s table and they left a cold drink next to it. The camera was soaking wet with water from the glass. I turned on the camera and the zoom starts to move in-out in a erratic way, then a message “power off and then on again”, I did it and the white screen “system error (zoom)” came up. I checked the internet, there are a few fixes, but none of them works. I took the front and back cover, wiped off all the water, outside-inside visually, then I used hair dryer to dry all corner and the lens, extended and retracted. Left it over night with everything opened. In the morning, everything works again.

White screen

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