Snow Leopard 10.6.6 On i7 860 P55A-UD3 Gigabyte

2 Chrismast ago, I built a new i7 1156 platform CPU 860 2.93Ghz OC @3.3Ghz on Gigabyte P55A-UD3. I got one of these cheap GeForce 9500GT $19 or 8400GS so we can get a system going with all the QE/CI/CL. Snow Leopard retail 10.6.3 and update to 10.6.6. The install went smoothly with the iboot cd and multibeast 3.4. If you read on the Internet about hacking these setup, people set cpus=? or busratio=? to get the set up running, I never have to do any of those when using the retail Snow Leopard 10.6.3. If you plan to build some inexpensive roburst system with Mac OS, at least try to get one $29. original DVD instead of getting these distros. I did it before because at the time, I didn’t understand the system and hackintosh wasn’t as good as now. If you plan to update to 10.6.6 or 10.6.7, download them first and put them on a USB flash drive or hard drive now, each one is about 1GB in size so 4GB USB flash would do. So this usb drive should have multibeast 3.4 and snow leopard updates. BTW, this installation should work with all P55 chipset, because all motherboard manufacturers designed in with Intel reference board for the system to work. It doesn’t have to be Gigabyte or any brandnames that people who don’t know about manufacturing required. I just finished the USB external hard drive installation.

So let’s start with installation. Assuming you have a system already built and running. Get an old drive or even 1TB for about $50. these days. If you want to dual boot with windows 7, get a small hard drive and use it as a main OS X for many things later. If you already has a windows 7 installed in any of the drives and it was installed with bios set SATA as IDE mode, you have to change the windows drive to accept AHCI or it won’t boot after installing the mac os and setting the bios to AHCI. Update your bios, mine was still at F4 before I installed Mac OS, I used @bios to update the bios, it was painless, but make sure the computer is on solidly with internet connection.

Hooking up a hard drive that has no data or non important data only because it will be partitioned and erased and use any blue sata connectors on the motherboard. Disconnect all USB ports except keyboard and mouse, we used wireless keyboard and mouse and it worked fine just make sure the usb in the bios set to XHCI.

Set the bios by click DEL key when the computer boots up, this is the screen of F4 bios

So, that’s all we need from the bios, btw, these are the pictures of bios F4, bios F11 is a little different with some USB 3.0 options.

Insert the IBOOT cd in the DVD drive, while the computer is booting up, hit F12 to select first boot device, the DVD.

The iboot screen will come up with iboot icon and the hard drive icon, remove the iboot cd and place the retail Snow Leopard 10.6.3 in the DVD drive, wait for about 2 minutes then hit F5, the iboot icon will disappear and the Snow Leopard DVD will appear.

Type -v then hit enter, the screen will be black for a few minutes but we can still hear the DVD is spinning and being read, then the apple logo and the spinning wheel will appear and we should be in the set up screen shortly.

Next screen then click diskutility to prepare the hard drive for installation

Close the diskutilities and continue with the installation, click customize button to install other optiions, we removed all the printer options and add others.

Reboot the system, remove the Installation DVD and put back the iBoot CD (hit F12 and select boot from DVD again),it a little tricky because the computer reboot quite fast.

The 2 icons will show up: iboot and our hard drive, select the hard drive and boot from it.

Wow, the welcome video is on, so nice

Skip all the keyboard and registration stuff, unless you want to, then fill out the username and password screen, this is important.

a few more screens and the desktop will show up

To see all the hard drive, the finder-preference-all hard drive option must be checked.

At this point only a few USB ports should work, the top 6 (2.0), we need to plug in the USB flash drive or hard drive that contains Multibeast 3.4 and Snow Leopard 10.6.6 or 10.6.7.

Drag the multibeast and update files to the desktop and execute from there, it’s faster. We must update the snow leopard combo 10.6.6 first, do no reboot, then multibeast 3.4, then reboot after.

Installing Multibeast 3.4- easybeast and not dsdt.

When it’s done, reboot and we will have all the QE/CI/CL with the resolution of 1920×1080, the booting process is about 30 second, it’s fast.

For wireless PCI card, we use AWLH6080 300N from Airlink101, we got the Mac OS driver from Ralink website and NOT Airlink101.

The connection is so good that we can get download speed at about 1.5Mbs with comcast internet across a hall way.

That’s about it for this installation, easy and painless with the right hardware, inexpensive Nvidia 9500GT graphics card, 8400gs should work also, with rebates, these are about $14-$19 these days.



Hackintosh, Snow Leopard 10.6x

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