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These days I’ve seen many of my friends and families Yahoo email accounts have been compromised, stolen… Some try to make money, some just use the accounts for spams… Whatever the case may be, it’s very troublesome for the owners losing important emails and personal information. Yahoo and others mail system came up with something to prevent accounts from being stolen and this is called Sign-in Seal. While at the page, I recommend to read through everything. Here I can sum up some of the steps on how to set one sign-in seal for my computer. We should do this for all computers. Before we do this for Yahoo, other email system don’t have sign-in seal that I know of, the best thing to look for whenever we log-in to any email system is the address bar: “https”, this will help tremedously against phishing websites already.

Now if we check both https and the sign-in seal for Yahoo, our chances of being phished (faking websites that look just like yahoo or other legitimate websites) will be less.

At yahoo login page, if we don’t have the seal, it will ask if you want to be protected, click yes and start the process.

It should come up with the options “text” and “images”, we have tons of pictures, so we use image

Click preview to see the image, select color and save if we’re happy.

So now, every time we load the yahoo email log-in page, we should se our picture and check for the “https” on the address bar and we’re pretty much protected (at least better than none).

Since we’re here at protecting ourselves from phishing and adware stuff, when there’s a pop up with “warning about virus or anything scary”, DO NOT click the “X” or “NO” to close the pop up, use CTRL+W to close. Read the pictures below, good trick, normally we got panic and start clicking “X” or “NO” to close, that’s when the adware comes in.

Control + w key test

Here are some example of accounts had been stolen

Sometimes, the video would show better.

Cheers and hope your email accounts are intact,


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