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Enable VIM for MMI 2G

If we have TV tuner installed and want the passengers to watch TV or Video while driving, we need to enable VIM (Video In Motion) – default was disable. The Trick77 website we need to get the login code with specific serial #.

  • Connect to the car with OBDeleven.
  • Select Display Control Unit 07.

Display Control Unit 07

Module 07 Main Screen

  • Select Info to get serial number.

Display Control Unit 07 Info

  • Enter the serial to get the login code from the Trick77 website above.
  • Select Adaptation.
  • Select Channel 63.

Adaptation channel 63

  • Enter login code.

login screen

  • Enter new value from 0 to 255.

Channel 63

channel 63-255

  • Accept and click the check icon – hold it to write.
  • Reboot the MMI.

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  1. Any chance you would be willing to show how To Enable MMI 2G Hidden Menu Using OBDeleven?

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