Replace Korky Quiet Fill and Toilet Main Valve

Korky Float

Our Jacuzzi Toilet components don’t last very long compared to Eljer Toilet because it’s cheaper. Anyhow, the fill valve is stuck and not much water is allowed through the valve to fill the tank, it does take a long time to fill 1.5 gallons tank. The wall water valve is also leaking, it’s time to replace

Choose The Best IP Camera Surveillance System For Home

In Silicon Valley, it doesn’t matter how nice a neighborhood is, burglaries do happen. Technologies and China manufacturing bring down the cost of owning a pretty efficient and sophisticated IP camera surveillance system for home. The cost of hardware for a complete home surveillance system can be under $400. The cost of installation may be

Mandatory Microchipping For Pets

California is trying to force pets owners to embed microchips in their dogs and cats, starting with Santa Cruz. We don’t have any pets and we don’t plan to since we have no time to take care of them, although the law doesn’t affect us, but we think it’s too much. It does seem like

A Halloween In Ardenwood, Fremont

Every Halloween, there are so many kids come to our home, it’s a great feelings. Regardless on what people say, we love our neighborhood, the kids are cute and the parents are caring. Getting ready for Trick or Treat.