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Learn how to play basic Blackjack.

At every casino, player has disadvantage is to bust and lose before dealer show all the cards and finish his/her hands. So the goal is to NOT to bust, bust means go over 21. All cards have numbers on them, except Jacks, Queens, Kings are counted as 10 and Aces can be counted as 1 or 11 only. We are dealt every hand with 2 cards only, we can hit as many cards as we need (want) to get to the sum of all cards equal to 21 and bust (lose) if over 21. Each deck of cards has 52 cards and each number has 4 of different kinds: Heart, Diamond, Club and Spade = 4 aces, 4 kings, 4 jacks, etc.

Most of Casino Blackjack rules are similar besides a certain options: Double down first 2 cards, double down on any cards, double down on splits first 2 cards or NONE, surrender on any first 2 cards, Dealer stops at soft 17 or hard 17. Before we sit on any table of a casino, we must know the rules of the table.

Casino Blackjack tables: Single deck, Double decks or 6 decks shoe. I preferred 6 decks shoe table over Single or Double decks tables (I don’t play single deck or double decks at all).

So let’s start to play, if you’re new about Blackjack, download one of any PC blackjack games to practice or play online.

My rules are simple and NO emotions, second-guessing myself.

1. Stay put with any cards from 12 and up when dealer face shows a 3,4,5 or 6.

stay 13   stay 13 and win

stay 13 and win   stay 13 and win

2. If dealer face shows a 2 and I have 12, I’ll hit 1 card only.

12 and deuce   hit 12 with deuce showing

3. If dealer face shows a 7 or higher card, I will hit until 17 or bust, never stay on 16 or less. Many people stay on 16 hoping dealer will bust, and yes, I’ll bust and lose first, but I know if I stay at 16 or less, the only way to win is if dealer has small cards in the whole and hit more cards to bust. I don’t want to have to second-guess myself every time, play consistent.

hit 16    hit 16

4. I don’t split 2×10, 2×9, 2×6, 2×5, 2×4 ever, regardless of how small dealer face cards are. I’m sure many players think different.

No Split 10s with dealer any cards   No Split 10s with dealer any cards

5. Never stays at soft 17 (Ace = 11 + 6) regardless how small dealer cards are.


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