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When I have 2 same cards, I can split them to have more chance to win 2, 3, or 4 hands (I can split up to 4 times if the same cards keep coming out). But it’s extremely important to know when to split and when NOT to split them. Some Casinos may NOT allow me to double down on splits, therefore I don’t split often with these rules.

I Never split

20 (2x10s), 18 (2x9s), 12 (2x6s), 10 (2x5s), 8 (2x4s) regardless what dealer face cards are. There are lots of debates at the tables about splitting these cards. My logic is this, why split a nice 20 to try to get 2 unknown cards? Why split 6s to get anything that we know we have to hit more (I bust and lose before the dealer), same with 8 (2x4s), if I want to win more, I double down if I’m lucky with the dealer shows 4,5 or 6. Again, I play to win not to be fancy. If whatever works for you, stay with it.

If the dealer shows 2, 8, 9, 10, or Ace, I DON’T Split any cards. My logic is this, if the dealer shows 8, 9, 10 or Ace, assuming he/she already has 18,19,20, why would I want to split anything to lose more. The chance to split any 2 to hit 18 or higher for BOTH hands are slim to NONE and number 2 is the card that dealer is seldom busted with. Again, if you think different and win, stay with it.

NO split 6s even with small card

stay at 12 to win

Split with dealer has small cards showing 2,3,4,5,6

I DON’T split anything except 14 (2x7s) and 16 (2x8s). My logic is if I get 2 10s, I’ll have 2 hands of 17s or 18s, which are good enough to push or win if the dealer doesn’t bust. Yes, if the dealer hit 19,20,21, it doesn’t really matter.

Split 4 (2x2s), 6 (2x3s) and Aces (2xAs)

I only split 4 or 6 when dealers show 3,4,5,6. The logic is whatever I get on my 2 split hands, I can expect dealer to have to hit and bust.

Splitting Aces is hard because dealers only give me one card each, this is how the house get more advantage to win. I rather hit on Aces with dealers show 10s, or Face cards. I split with anything less than 10s.


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