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Some people want to gamble to make a living, some want to make quick money, some want to show off that they’re high rollers to get free rooms, food, shows and treated as VIP, whatever the case may be, most of them help to build the beautiful casinos. People who play Blackjack, read books, count cards, and I don’t know how many really won anything in their life time. I did and I lost always until I realized everything must have a plan, a goal, discipline, patient, know how and a positive karma. The way I play Blackjack now is for recreational (whatever that means), if my vacations happen to be in Casinos area, I play Blackjack, I don’t go to Casinos just to play Blackjack, I don’t know if it makes any sense, but it is.

To play to win, it’s not easy because sitting down on a Blackjack table, the odds already are against us (we bust we lose before the dealer even lift up the second card), but it’s not hard if we have patient, discipline and an open mind (positive karma). The way I play is extremely simple, no counting cards, if I think I’m going to lose, I don’t play (fail by default), if I play, I’ll have to win (by default).


– why? Because Single and Double deck tables are for professionals who can count cards to play. No, not really, I like six deck shoe because I can win 10 hands in a row or lose 20 hands in a row without being shuffled (interrupted).

How much to bring to a table?

I’ve playing so much, I have markers at every Casino I go to. But when I didn’t have markers, I would bring 4 times 20 minimum bets when I sit down at a table. If a table minimum bet is $5, I should have $400. in my pockets or anywhere readily accessible. But I play $25 minimum bet, the reason is that if I play long enough, I’ll have some VIP treatment regardless if I win or lose, (these days casinos runs very tight, if you don’t lose, you don’t get much, doesn’t matter how long and how big you play). Actually, I don’t really care about the comps on the food or anything, all I care about is to have rooms on special holidays with good rates, because if you’re not a player, you don’t get rooms even if you want to pay. Anyhow, I like to celebrate New Year in Sierras and July 4th or hot Summer in Vegas, so the casinos would give me player rate, say $300 night, we stay 3 nights = $900 + food and stuff $1000 = $1900. So, if I win $1900, I would have a nice vacation for free, just like comps.

$25×20 = $500 cash in table + $1500 in the pocket (or ATM or marker).

I always play with minimum bet. As long as I lose, $25 is all I play. Now, when I win, I leave my money there – this is my logic (this is why I like 6 deck shoe).

Won 1 hand = $50.

Won 2 hands = $100.

Won 3 hands = $200.

Won 4 hands = $400.

Won 5 hands = $800.

Won 6 hands = $1600.

Won 7 hands = $3200.

One time at Caesars Palace, only sat down for 15 minutes, I won the 5th hand and started to play the 6th hand $800., I got 2×8 and the dealer shown a 6. Guess what, I did split 4 times and won with 2 double down. The thing is if I didn’t have the money to split all 4 times, the dealer would get 21 instead of busted. That’s the reason why we need cushion money for this type of scenario.

Ok, forget about winning hands, when the trend is down, I won 2 hands and lost the third, or won 3 hands and lost the 4th, the bottom line is I only lost $25 for each of these runs.

So, why did I say I need an open mind (positive karma), I don’t blame the people at the table, even at the dealer, again if I don’t like the table just leave, but if I could win 3 hands than lose the 4th, I would take the money back after the 3rd hand and start all over again, so I take back $200, which is 8 hands of $25 I can try to push to that 6th hands run.

Now, I’m a patient person (when my mind is good), I can play $25 until I get my run of 6 hands in a row. If I’m patient enough, I’ll get my run. Remember, if I won 4 hands, I have $400 = 16 hands of $25 that I can lose. Can you see the different odds for me?

  If I get the 5 hands run after 10 tries (10 x $25 = $250), I’ll have $800 = 40 hands of $25 that I can try again.

NOW, I don’t know if I will win the next hand or the 3rd or the 4th or the 5th or the 6th but if I hit the 6th hand run with my last $25 chip, I’m still a head of the $500 I put out. And believe it or not, I did make a come back to $3000 from the last $100. Remember it’s a sine wave for both luck and no luck.

Yes, I bet your hands will shake when the dealer yells “check play” on your 5th hands $800, and she gave you a Black jack – “Yellow out” – It’s better than sex – May be.. I did have a few. Remember, the more “check plays” you have, the more VIP treatments you may have depend on the CASINOS.

Extremely hard question?

In Vegas Casinos, you can surrender on the first two cards – losing 1/2 of your bet without seeing the dealer bottom card – You play your 6th hand win $1600. Dealer shows a 10 and you have hard 16, do you surrender or take a chance to play?

Cheers and good luck,

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