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macOS Catalina
Catalina hackintosh MacWannaBe

macOS Catalina On Supported Windows Laptops and PCs


Page2: Install Catalina On imac14,2 Desktop – GA X99 SLI i& 5820k

Page3: Install Catalina On imac13,2 Desktop – Dell Optiplex 7010 i7-3770 HD4000

Page4: Install Catalina On MacBookAir 5,2 – Laptop – HP Envy4-1117nr – i5 3317u – HD4000

Page5: Install Catalina On iMac18,2 – Desktop – Dell Inspiron 3668 i5 7400 Kaby Lake HD620

Page6: Install Catalina On MacBookAir 6,2 – Laptop – HP X360 15-u011dx i7 4510u Haswell HD4400

Page7: Install Catalina On MacBookPro 11,2 – Laptop – HP TouchSmart M7 J120dx i7 4600mq Haswell HD4600

Page8: Install Catalina On MacBookAir 7,2 – Laptop – Dell Inspiron 7352 i7 5500u Broadwell HD5500

Page9: Install Catalina On MacBookPro 14,2 – Laptop – HP Envy 13-ad010nr i7 7500u Kaby Lake HD620

Page10: Install Catalina On MacBookPro 13,2 – Laptop – HP EliteBooK 820 G3 Skylake HD520 i7-6600u

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