MacOS High Sierra 10.13 On Windows PCs-Laptops

macOS High Sierra 10.13 On HP X360 15-u011dx i7-4510u Haswell HD4400

My Clover Config.plist  for HD4400. Make sure to change serial number if you use it.

10.13 kexts folder for HIS     driver64uefi folder for 10.13.1

***In MacOS Sierra, the ACPIBacklight.kext doesn’t work with Rehabman brightness keys, but with MacOS High Sierra, it does work… ****

The battery icon doesn’t update automatically unless we used the old version 1.70.2 of ACPIBatteryManager.kext.

ACPIBatteryManager.kext V1.70.2

Create Clover Bootable Flash Drive

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33 thoughts on “MacOS High Sierra 10.13 On Windows PCs-Laptops”

  1. how to patch

    8097, 6126, syntax error, unexpected PARSEOP_ENDDEPENDENTFN
    8736, 6126, syntax error, unexpected PARSEOP_SCOPE, expecting $end and

    thank you

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