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MacOS Mojave On HP Envy 13-AD010NR Kaby Lake

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  1. Any way you can share your clover folder? Have followed your guide, but can’t get the touch screen or brightness keys to work.

    1. All laptops are different, try to do exactly what I show and understand what make the touchscreen work, what’s the id of touchscreen. Your brightness keys may respond different from mine. Check my videos on how to simulate the keys and patch dsdt to get them to work

      1. Have bought the same hp envy as you have, so I’d think your clover folder would be very helpful.

  2. Hi! could you make a video on how to patch the DSDT.dsl file for getting the battery to work. I have a HP envy 13-ab022nf but I cannot get my battery indicator to work. I’ve tried all rehabman tutorials and guides. I’m desperate


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