NDSTT And R4SDHC For Nintendo DS Lite

R4 SDHC ($5-$15)

R4 is much easier to install and used compares to the NDSTT. Everything is built in even the new Moonshell V2.10

The Menu on the R4 SDHC is very easy to use and the skin can be selected right on the menu.

We got our from here, watch the videos

Next we need to convert movies to dpg format so we can play our videos on our DS Lite. To download favorite youtube music videos, here is how to download youtube videos.

Loading Games on R4 is much slower than the DSTT cartridge after comparing my daughter’s DSTT 8GB and my son’s R4SDHC 8GB

How to make video files .dpg for Nintendo DS.

There are 2 free programs: dpgenc.exe in the misc folder of moonshell2.10 and Super from Erightsoft

Super is much better to encode but doesn’t have thumbnail image built in option, dpgenc.exe is not as good but does produce thumbnails which is great for kids who are too young to read. Super can do the same movie for less file size compares to dpgenc.exe with the same quality.


We edit the dpgenc.exe to smaller screen resolution 256×192, bit rate to 448 (432 is best), fps=13 for best video display and smaller file size.

Just drag and drop the file to be converted to the working area and it will automatically converts. Some videos downloaded from youtube may have audio encoded in a format which dpgenc.exe fails to convert.

That’s why Super is much better, it can encode any audio format and any videos. Go here to setup Super



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