Raspberry Pi 2: A Tiny Computer


Raspberry Pi 2 rev B now is the latest tiny computer that works. I just ordered one so I can play with it. Actually, I’m going to use it for a work project. I’ll document the progress as I go. Materials and information needed: Raspberrypi.org, Windows 10 IoT, and the RPi itself.

Normal people would use Raspberry Pi 2 as Home Media Center. People would buy off the shelves Roku, Chromecast, Firestick or Apple TV to stream all their media from the internet, smart phones and tablets, but all of them have limitations on what they can be used for.

Raspberry Pi is new, but growing very quickly. There are tons of applications out there for the Pi, you would be amazed what a little computer can do, from monitoring the house to controlling robots… The first one to get people excited to buy this $35 tiny computer is the Home Media Center. So the new Raspberry Pi 3 just being on the market with wifi and bluetooth embedded, it’s even cheaper and less work involved to configure everything.

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