Snow Leopard 10.6.8 On Lenovo G770 i5 Sandy Bridge Laptop


Ok, at this time we do not have internal Atheros wifi, ethernet, battery kexts installed. Here are all the files needed for 10.6.8 to run perfectly (not really), SLEEP doesn’t work, it won’t wake up, monitor panel sleeps when wakes up, there are white lines on the screen which is not very good. I fixed this with additional stuff in dsdt.aml (follow this instruction), now after monitor sleep, NO MORE WHITE VERTICAL LINES. I turn off ON all SLEEP in the control panel because I can dim the back light very low with the slider. If someone finds a way to wake up from sleep, please let me know (both hard drive and monitor). Wifi only works with WPA/PSK TKIP and NOT WPA2/PSK.

To install kexts, we either use kexthelper 0.7 (only install to the active partition) or kext wizard (kext wizard can install to any partitions)

lenovo install atheros wifi and ethernet kexts lenovo network detected after reboot

lenovo network detected after reboot lenovo wpa connection

With 10.6.7 kext, now we can get WPA2/PSK-AES connection

Atheros AR9285 wifi Atheros AR8152/8158 Ethernet speed

Just a reminder iboot-legacy only works until 10.6.6 update NOT 10.6.8, in case you update to 10.6.8 and something goes wrong, use my idogboot.iso to boot both 10.6.8 and Lion

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