Envy 4-1117nr hackintosh Ivy bridge Mavericks 10.9 Windows 8

Triple Boot Windows 8.1-Mavericks 10.9.1-Ubuntu 13.1 On Envy 4 Ivy Bridge Ultrabook

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Hardware/Software Must (should) Have For This To Work Easily

At the time of this tutorial – These hardware are inexpensive and should be obtained before doing this Multi OS’s installation.

1 USB DVD Writer with blank DVD to install Windows 8.1, 2 x 2GB USB flash drives for Chameleon Boot/OS X Base System Mavericks (small), 1 8GB USB flash drive for Chameleon Boot/OS X Base System Mavericks (full), 1 500/1000GB USB external hard drive for experimenting.


z_hd4000_0   z_hd4000_01

Download all these software apps for Mac OS X: Google them if I don’t have the links here.

Chameleon Wizard: to create SMBios.plist and edit org.chameleon.Boot.plist.

DSDTSE: to edit DSDT.aml files.

Kext Wizard: to install kexts and generate cache to different partitions.

myHack 3.3.1 : very useful tool for installing Chameleon – the version is R2266, but it does work well when installing to the OS X partition when the new version doesn’t work. Run myFix to update new system cache- works extremely well.

Kext Helper B7: to install kexts and update cache only on current working partition.

Kext Utility: update system cache.

OSX86Tools: to create Device-Properties string.

EFI Studio: to extract Ethernet En0 built-in and Graphics card PCI addresses.

ShowAllFiles: to show hidden files.

TextWrangler: text editor for editing kexts info.plist or any plist.

SuperDuper: to restore partition, back up working OS X partition to different drives.

Intel Power Gadget: to check if speed steps and turbo is working – this ensure sleeps/wakes.

SSDT generation: to generate your system SSDT.aml for full speed steps and turbo frequencies.

AICPMPatch: this is to patch the AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext for C-states and P-states to work and to remove NullCPUPowermanagement.kext from Extension folder without Kernel Panic.

z_hd4000   z_hd4000_1

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