Envy 4-1117nr hackintosh Ivy bridge Mavericks 10.9 Windows 8

Triple Boot Windows 8.1-Mavericks 10.9.1-Ubuntu 13.1 On Envy 4 Ivy Bridge Ultrabook

March 25, 2014 | 8,462 views |

Multiple OS’s Boot Loaders

There are only a few bootloaders that can boot Mac, Windows and Linux. I only know Chameleon and Clover boot loaders. Windows  can boot other OS’s with the help of 3rd party windows application like EasyBCD, but when the new UEFI boot bios came lately, EasyBCD seems to be out and also Chameleon. Clover seems to be the only one that support UEFI.

Chameleon boot loader only works with MBR (Master Boot Record) partitions scheme. UEFI uses GUID Partition Table scheme. So, unless we change the system partition scheme to MBR, Chameleon can’t be used to boot multiple OS’s.

Clover boot loader is a new powerful boot loader which supports UEFI, but it’s extremely new and difficult to configure and use correctly.

Why PC manufacturers are using UEFI (EFI) instead of standard MBR? The GUID partition scheme can boot from larger 2TB drive and allow more than 4 primary partition compares to MBR. Also, it’s easy for them to install their own propriety software to control the hardware for consumers.

***If You Have To Re-Format and Re-Install Windows, install with MBR Partitions, it’s easier to Multiboot with Chameleon or EasyBCD than Clover. If You Can Install OS X in UEFI without Re-Format the drive and Re-install Windows, then try Clover***

On my Envy 4-1117nr, after shrinking a partition for Mac OSX, the Mac Mavericks Installer couldn’t format the partition due to the way G(UID)PT and Windows 8. So, I backed up the hard drive partition using Macrium Reflect and re-format the hard drive with MBR partition scheme so I can use chameleon boot loader for my Triple boot OS’s. Yes, I will lose all the management software loaded by HP which I don’t need. The Utilities to check for memories,  hard drives health can also be loaded onto a usb and run if I need to. Most people are afraid of changing the way the computer was installed, but remember, it’s only software and software can always be re-loaded. If you’re not sure about this then keep the UEFI or find the way to use Clover boot loader. If you’re prepared to have a great system with Windows 8.1, Mavericks and Ubuntu Linux, read on…

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