Windows 8.1 On Lenovo G770

Windows 8.1 Start Screen

2013-09-07 If you installed Windows 7 on 1 drive and Windows 8.1 on another drive in the same computer like mine (I would never let Windows 8 comes near my Windows 7), after using Windows 8 drive, boot back to Windows 7, the check disk needs to run every single time on all drives which didn’t happen in Windows 8. Every time Windows people fixed something, they screwed up something else.

If you have a nice wonderful MFC-665CW like I do, can’t use with windows 8 or 8.1. I’m not going to change to Windows 8 if I can’t use my printer wirelessly.

2013-08-16 Windows 8.1 consumes more power than windows 7 – the cooling fan is constantly on – Windows 7 doesn’t require cooling fan often. I found out all these apps running in the background on “START” screen. Uninstall all metro apps and install energy management system from Lenovo and the CPU usage at idle is lower. The fan stop running all the time, less heat and less energy.

The great Movie Maker 2012 freezed 50% of the time.

moviemaker freezes in windows 8Movie Maker unstable in windows 8 

2013-08-06 I wanted to see my website in lower resolutions and I found out Windows 8.1 doesn’t allow me to select any resolutions beside the native one which is 1600×900. Another bug which is bad for web designer like me.

Last year, I got the Windows 8 preview for a few weeks and uninstalled it. It wasn’t as good as I expected. I just downloaded the new and improved Windows 8.1, it’s much better in GUI wise, but my Lenovo G770 wifi AR9285 no longer works. I had to search and fix it, again.

The speaker jack now is working – switching back and forth from speakers to head set automatically as it should.

The Synaptics Trackpad calls the right panel screen every time I swipe the finger from right to left – have to click the get out the right column setting display every time – it’s annoying. You can’t mix tablet software with swiping with laptop trackpad. I hope Windows people know about this. 

The default player for video doesn’t play .AVI files until I switched it to play with Windows Media Player. For Windows 8.1 Desktop/Laptop version, the default player should be Windows Media Player not some tablet “can’t play anything” player.

I installed the 32 bit version for compatibility with some of my old 32 bit programs on my SSD drive. Most of the programs are working fine. I’ll post more finds. I’m sure the OS is ok, just the people who designed the GUI should separate the tablet functions from desktop and laptop’s. Software people should be logical.

For all the Windows 7 & 8 drivers, download from here.

Split screen feature that shouldn’t be boasting about.

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