Year Of The Dog

"Dogs are determined individuals; always wanting to master a new subject before moving on and always finishing what they start. Dogs value friendships; they’re loyal, honest, trustworthy and reliable and have strong morals and ethics..."


Audi Blog

"Here we write about how we fixed, maintained and improved our Audis and other cars..."

HP3070 ICT Blog

"Here we share our working experience on HP3070, In Circuit Test systems..."


Silicon Valley Living Blog

"Here we write about how we build our family in Silicon Valley..."


Techs11 Blog

"Here we write about our daily technology experiences: Android Pads, iPads, Smart Phones, PCs, Laptops, Mac Wanna Be, Mac OS X, Windows OS, TV, Software, Gadgets, Windows, Internet, Tips and Tricks..."

Year Of The Monkey

"Monkey possesses such character traits as curiosity, mischievousness, and cleverness. Monkeys are usually quite intelligent, playful... Monkeys are the masters of practical jokes..."

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