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How To Use Test Expert To Translate Allegro CAD To Board and Board_xy

June 18, 2015 / 805 views

These days, not many cad software exist, Test Expert seems to be the only one that majority companies use. One of my friends asked me how to use the Test Expert to generate board and board_xy and DFT. I created this video to show the basic of Test expert. It has a lot of bugs, we have to check its work. Don’t do fancy stuff with this software, make sure only select test points – top and bottom – SMD and VIAs, through holes components – top and bottom – *. GROUND points at least 5 and Power at least 2.

Must run in Administrative mode. I’m using V9.1, don’t upgrade to V10, more buggy and hangs the servers due to licensing.

Test Expert Admin

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