Test Switches Using Pneumatic Solenoid Push Rods

If our test boards have some push button switches that need to be tested, we used to use manual hand push rods, it’s time consuming and the operators do make mistake when their fingers are tired from pushing them. Some fixture vendors offer pneumatic solenoid push rod which are very reliable and extremely quick to test. The only draw back is in order to actuate the solenoid, the system must be in powered mode and switch tests are in unpowered mode – catch 22. So, we can test these switches in power mode also, just have to do some extra work and designs.

Switches     pneumatic solenoid

Add 4 10k resistors in the fixture to test all 4 switches individually.

10k resistors     10k resistors

Testplan and analog test.

testplan     analog test


See the pneumatic in action with video

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