How To Swap 94 X-Probes Safely

Sometimes we do have to replace probes for any reason, especially smaller x-probes. The best way for not to miss or make mistake is to do it systematically. This is how I did mine. I had to replace 94 x-probes (No sockets).

We should have a Mylar with color marked probes locations.

probes locations on mylar

Pull all the probes out according to the mylar from fixture vendor.

probes removed     probes removed

Count all the probes on the mylar against all the probes pulled out, we may pull out more, but it’s OK as long as they’re the same size.

count removed old probes

Count all pulled out probes and match with the count of new probes, exactly.

count all new probes matching count of old probes

Start to put back the probes according to the mylar locations in groups.

When there are no more new probes on the table, the job is done.

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