How To Make 30% Return With Your Savings


Living in Silicon Valley is designed for wealthy people. Middle class has to pay taxes and all the extra costs due to clean air laws for the wealthy to breathe. The only way to keep up with all these costs with fixed salaries, we need to save money and use the money to invest in the stock market to pay for some of these costs: example: the water heater must be low nox which costs more, gas must be specially made for the environment therefore it costs more. 

Last year 2023, if anyone who had invested in SP500 ETF or Index Fund would benefit 23%, Nasdaq 54% and Semiconductor 66%. Will we be able to have this great return again this year 2024?

I’m going to show how I can achieve this return, supposedly friends and families how to not day trade but buy and sell on gapdown and gapup only to make 30% a year on your investment: 401k, IRA, Roth IRA, Brokerage accounts.

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