HP3070 (Agilent 3070) ICT (In Circuit Tester)

Most of ICT test engineers only know of HP3070 and not A 3070 because the name has been so popular in the automatic test equipment communities. Agilent was spun off from HP many years ago, but most of people still use the old and reliable (10-15 year old) HP3070. Many years ago, people believe that bed of nails (ICT) testers should be put to rest, obsoleted, but in electronics manufacturing environment, it’s still the cheapest and the most reliable way to control manufacturing quality. Companies that are not familiar with ICT many times have problems with yields and deliveries from CEM (contract electronics manufacturers).

With advanced functional testings, HP3070 can deliver high yields, predictable throughputs and quality products at CEMs. ICT can also produce low yields and bad products if the tests and fixtures are not developed and built correctly.

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