Test Expert Setup For Windows XP

I never like Test Expert, but since there are not many cad software out there and my company’s bought it already, I have to use it. The set up is also not very user friendly. Anyhow, I document this in case I get a new computer (mine is only 8 year old) with Windows 7 and I’ll have to re-install it again on the new system.

The version we have is 9.1 right now. Locate the software server, where the installation package resides. Go there and execute the Test Expert.exe and not the client one. Make sure we have the license ip address or name of the server to enter when the software prompt. Also, zip all projects and move the Gold Library and Library some where to copy them over the new one to preserve all our custom devices. Click the pictures to see all the steps.[non-members]please log in to continue reading… Thanks[/non-members][members]




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