Convert Higher System Rev To Lower System Rev Files

Since I’m an OEM developer, I kept our system software rev at the lowest since HP3070 software is not backward compatible. Sometimes, when we need to re-do the software for a fixture, we get the program folder back, we have to convert everything down to our system rev level. Our system software is 3.6 compares with others at 5+. Anyhow, regardless, to convert higher rev files to lower, here is how I do mine.

1. Check and compile the config file – Make sure the config still matched with our system.

check config file     compile config

2. Compile custom_lib/safeguard

compile safeguard

3. Compile Board and Board_xy

Compile board     compile board_xy

5. Fix and compile Fixture (when the CEM changed the board directory name, we have to change the board name in the fixture to match with the working directory).

compile fixture/fixture     compile fixture/fixture

6. Compile Wirelist.

Compile Wirelist
7. pins
8. shorts
9. testjet
10. create ascii compile_all
10. preshorts
11. analog
12. analog_func
13. digital
14. flash
15. Subroutines
16. RF
17. all custom tests

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