Program TIC MSP430F155IPM On Board

Many of our boards these days have TIC controller (MSP430F155IPM) to control power supply inputs – One of the requirement for our ICT is to program this TIC on board. We need a main board that has the CPU to check and program the TIC controller if it’s blank or wrong firmware version. It does

Test Switches Using Pneumatic Solenoid Push Rods

If our test boards have some push button switches that need to be tested, we used to use manual hand push rods, it’s time consuming and the operators do make mistake when their fingers are tired from pushing them. Some fixture vendors offer pneumatic solenoid push rod which are very reliable and extremely quick to

Some BT-Basic Editing Short Cuts

Beside changing tolerances using unix, sometimes I edit many files using F8 and re-save\compile file for quick modification sometimes.

Use Cuteftp Or Coreftp To Transfer Files From PC To HP3070

As an HP3070 engineer, I have to transfer files from/to between my PC and HP3070 quite often. I used both cuteftp and coreftp for these tasks. Here is how I set up these programs for my Windows PC, all you need is the ip address of your HP3070 and your username and password.[non-members]please log in


I’m sure there are many ways to detect LEDS at ICT. Many would use these color sensor inside the fixture. The only draw back for this type is the reliability and the costs of sensors themselves, also the fixture must be totally seal dark for the light sensors to work properly. I’ve never used any

Test Expert Setup For Windows XP

I never like Test Expert, but since there are not many cad software out there and my company’s bought it already, I have to use it. The set up is also not very user friendly. Anyhow, I document this in case I get a new computer (mine is only 8 year old) with Windows 7

Convert Higher System Rev To Lower System Rev Files

Since I’m an OEM developer, I kept our system software rev at the lowest since HP3070 software is not backward compatible. Sometimes, when we need to re-do the software for a fixture, we get the program folder back, we have to convert everything down to our system rev level. Our system software is 3.6 compares

Add Tests Require Adding Wires To Fixture

Many times we have to add additional tests that requires adding wires in the fixture. My board has 3 pressed fit mounting washers need to be tested at ICT for presence. The fixture vendor put 3 switches there with wires ready to be wired to the fixture. I do have the mounting hole with the

How To Find And Replace Bad Hybrid Card Relays

All shorts test fail on all boards and yesterday they’re fine. Before we debug our fixture, run diagnostic for the system and find out one of the hybrid cards we used for the fixture has bad relays. We swapped the hybrid card and it moved to the new slot. While waiting for the service people

How To Replace System Cards

ICT test engineers in smaller OEM companies normally wear many hats, system maintenance is one of them. We may have the luxury of having a system in the company and it does fail once in a while although HP3070 is extremely reliable. When we run diagnostic for the whole system and we see failures on