Design For Test (DFT)

For any types of testers, it doesn’t matter if it’s functional testers or ICT testers, design for testability is always the key of having great products. It doesn’t matter how good a design is, if it’s not testable to produce quality and high yields product, it’s not a good design. The best products must be designed with testability from the beginning, especially if they’re going to use ICT as the gate of letting good products through. There are instances that ICT can catch design flaws or marginal parts installed in a product at NPI (new product introduction) stage and the designs can be corrected before production starts. That’s why a good ICT program and fixture can guarantee quality and predictable throughputs at production. If anyone who knows about manufacturing would agree that most of production builds are ramped up a few weeks before the end of a quarter and surprises can’t happen at this critical time.

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