A8L Suspension Pump Retrofit

All A8 D3 Air Pump will fail during its lifetime ~100k+ miles. Wabco is the original company for this pump. Someone found out that Mercedes pump is being sold cheaper than the Audi Pump for some reasons. Someone also swap the Mercedes pump to run Audi Allroad which may also work for Audi A8 D3.

Watch Movies In Audi MMI 2G With Netbook-Laptop Integration

2013-10-20¬†Added a removable 15″ monitor between the seats for the kids to watch on long trip. These days, technology gives us iPads, Android pads, Windows pad and all portables in between, we can just hang these 10″ pads in the back of the car for the kids to watch movies on long/short trips. The only

A8 D3 Gas Mileage Log

2013-10-31 347.4@18.82=18.44MPG. 2013-10-15 343@17.91=19.15MPG. 2013-10-9 350@19.35 = 18.02MPG 2013-10-01 344@19.25 = 17.922 MPG. 2013-09-22 320@18.6 = 17.2 MPG the traffic is worse on the free ways these days even in the car pool lane. 2013-09-13 359@19.8 = 18.2MPG. 2013-08-29 446@19.89 = 22.4MPG long trip. 2013-07-25 362 @ 19.8 = 18.28 MPG. more traffic jams than