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What You Should/Must Know About Audi Air Adaptive Suspension

January 6, 2020 / 3,261 views

So, I had both of the front air spring bags leaked and replaced at 119k and 131k miles. It cost me total of less than $400 for the 2 incidents. Since I’ve read and understood a little about the system that caused much pain and money for many people who have no ideas how the system works. Again, this is how I understand the system, many will differ but then again it didn’t cost me much and I didn’t even have to use OBD2 (OBDEleven, Carista, VAG504 or VCDS) to fix mine. I’ll explain and update this post as I have time. Most of people ruin a simple air bag replacement with costly blind folded, shotgun good parts due to misunderstanding the system or depending completely on the OBD2 failure scan. Note: @131k miles and 2 air bag leaked, I haven’t replaced anything like compressor pump, the valve block, level sensors or anything VCDS would print out. I don’t replace things unless it’s proven DEFECTIVE. The problem is you can’t ask the dealers or the shops to do it for you, they don’t have time and their job is not to troubleshoot the exact problem, just base on diagnostic software and replace all components reported which is the whole system.

Reading material to understand the A8 D3 Air Suspension System, Pneumatic Suspension Components Part 1,System Components Explained Part 2 .

A8 D3 Air Suspension Layout     Valve Block Diagram

The Air suspension control system consists of 4 air struts at 4 corners, an air compressor pump to a valve block distributor connected to 4 struts and an air tank. There are 4 level sensors for 4 struts and a controller. The controller is displayed on the MMI screen and control panel to select. There are 2 warning indicators on the dash board – = Over inflated and = Under inflated – When Yellow light is on, there are 2 scenarios, the e-strut wires are not connected or the relief valve inside the air compressor is faulty – the air suspension is leaking. When the Air compressor temperature is hot due to pumping for a long period of time, the controller will shut it down, hence, in normal air leak operation, the Air compressor seldom a problem.

When the car is in mode and settings, if both front or rear are down, chances are the valve block distributor is faulty – When the car is in mode – the air compressor is turned off by the controller.

Left Air Spring Bag Leaked

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  1. hey…

    i need some help with my audi a8 d3 2008

    my air suspension wasent working at .. the yellow light was on all the time and the pump was turn on and off all the time

    i take it to the shop and he fix the light and now the car is raising up and down

    but the car is stuck in towing mode.. when i try to change it to off , its bounce back up immidetly to on

    i dont know why and i hope that you can help me..

    the mechanic says that the air suspension problem that he fixed was becuse water came into the car fuse box or somthing like this

    plz help.. and thek you for the video very helpful

    1. Not sure how to help you there, do you have original towing package installed? May be the wiring is faulty. The shop should be able to find out why.

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