105K Miles Service On My 2006 A8L


My 2006 Audi A8L turned 105k last week and gave it a Tune Up. The car has been running quite well, but the oil was replaced 16k miles and the spark plugs at 50k miles ago.

I bought 8 NGK BKR6EIX Iridium spark plugs (this should last 60k miles), Mobil 1 0-40w (15k miles), Air filter and Oil filter to do the job.

NGK Iridium BKR6EIX     A8 D3 4.2L Oil Filter


I don’t feel like crawling under the car, remove the engine guard and get dirty, I bought the Mityvac 7400 evacuator and it works quite well. I’ve used it 3 times already with my other cars. To change the oil filter, the air cleaner enclosure needs to be removed and don’t forget to remove the Foglight grill to disconnect the tube of the air cleaner enclosure (important)

Mityvac 7400   A8 D3 Foglight Grill


While the air cleaner housing is out, it’s clear to replace the spark plugs on the right side. The procedure is straight forward 5/8″ socket is needed. I taped the socket to the extension, put fresh engine oil on the spark threads, hand tighten and torque 14 ft-lb and 1/2 turn after it clicked, feel the ring compressed. The most important thing is to check the rubber sleeves on the coil packs, make sure they don’t get wrinkle due to forcing them in the wrong way. The bad one will sit higher than others and it doesn’t make good contact with the spark plug.

coil-packs-rail     bad coil pack

I checked all the fluids, brake, power steering, coolant and especially the timing belt. For the timing belt, 2 covers need to be removed. T30 torx wrench needed, 2 screws for each cover, left and right, be careful not to drop the screws, they’re in a tight place. The timing  belt is recommended to be replaced at 75k miles, but since I’ve owned enough Audis, they do last longer than that, it’s just me, if it’s good, I don’t want to change. Watch the end of the spark plug video.

Right side Timing belt     Left Side Timing belt


  • I just got an 2004 A8l and want to do the oil change soon. How come you used 0-40 motor oil when I see in the manual it calls for 0-30, 5-30, or 5-40?

    • Hello John,
      Older cars the best is to use 40W (it’s thicker than 30W when hot). 0 or 5W is for extremely cold which never happen in CA, so it doesn’t matter. 0-40W is the range designed by the oil manufacturer which works from extremely cold to extremely hot. Just do what you want for your car, at least read about what “W” mean in oil marking.
      PS: Whatever on sale at Walmart for mobil 1, that what I would get.

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