Left Air Suspension Failed At 131k Miles

, now @131k miles, the left side… I refused to use VCDS to see what’s wrong because it would list things that don’t break.

– Since it has a slow leak over night, I raised the car to LIFT mode, the pump still worked and brought it to LIFT.

Left Air Spring Bag Leaked

– I put it in Jack Mode which would turn off the pump. Wait for a few hours and voila, the LEFT side went down to the ground. FYI, in Jack mode, the automatic leveling system is OFF, therefore, it doesn’t bring the good side down to the same level with the leaked side. If the Valve Block is good, only the front would be affected with automatic leveling system.

While waiting for the Bag to come, I left the car in Jack Mode the whole week.

Test the strut with soap water to find the leaks, either top or bottom.


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