RedTiger F7NP Dual Camera GPS Dash Cam

redtiger F7NP

This is the first time I bought dual camera dash cam system for my Audi A8L D5. This RedTiger with 4k front and 2k rear is very good. The quality built solid and sturdy with mounting base on the windshield. The rear camera with electrostatic film works quite well. The length of the rear camera

Maneuver Assist On A8L

MA display

Audi A8L D5 came with Driver Assistance Package which includes Traffic Jam assistance (ACC), Pre-Sense, Lane Keeping Assist, Lane Departure. Since A8L has 360 camera parking, it also has hidden features like Maneuver Assistance which will steer and brake when you park so close on some object. It also has the capability of Intelligent Parking