Maintenance And Support

How To Swap 94 X-Probes Safely

Sometimes we do have to replace probes for any reason, especially smaller x-probes. The best way for not to miss or make mistake is to do it systematically. This is how I did mine. I had to replace 94 x-probes (No sockets). We should have a Mylar with color marked probes locations. Pull all the

Use Cuteftp Or Coreftp To Transfer Files From PC To HP3070

As an HP3070 engineer, I have to transfer files from/to between my PC and HP3070 quite often. I used both cuteftp and coreftp for these tasks. Here is how I set up these programs for my Windows PC, all you need is the ip address of your HP3070 and your username and password.[non-members]please log in

Convert Higher System Rev To Lower System Rev Files

Since I’m an OEM developer, I kept our system software rev at the lowest since HP3070 software is not backward compatible. Sometimes, when we need to re-do the software for a fixture, we get the program folder back, we have to convert everything down to our system rev level. Our system software is 3.6 compares

How To Find And Replace Bad Hybrid Card Relays

All shorts test fail on all boards and yesterday they’re fine. Before we debug our fixture, run diagnostic for the system and find out one of the hybrid cards we used for the fixture has bad relays. We swapped the hybrid card and it moved to the new slot. While waiting for the service people

How To Replace System Cards

ICT test engineers in smaller OEM companies normally wear many hats, system maintenance is one of them. We may have the luxury of having a system in the company and it does fail once in a while although HP3070 is extremely reliable. When we run diagnostic for the whole system and we see failures on

Backup And Restore With Gzip

These days, the backup tapes have been obsoleted, we don’t use them to back up and restore any more. Most of the working directories are backed up in Gzip files and transferred through ftb website, it’s fast, efficient and more reliable than these tapes. So, we normally pack the folder in tar format then gzip

Set Up HPIB For HP8648C Signal Generator

1. Connect the device through the HPIB of the power supply HP6624A (HPIB) or whatever your power supply model may be.  To check the hpib bus, go to shell as root: /opt/hp3070/bin/btio -hpib -scan    (this will tell you which HPIB exists, it should display your HP6624A or HP6621A). [non-members]please log in to continue reading… Thanks[/non-members][members]

Setting Up Pneumatic Fixture

All our dual level ICT fixtures are pneumatic. They use compressed air to actuate the air solenoid to push down the gate instead of pulling down like vacuum. Some of the CEMs site may need to have wiring installed for the pneumatic fixture to work with the vacuum port controller in the system. The pneumatic

Update Hex File For Flash Programming

Since the world is changing, so is our flash program firmware. We need to update our hex file in the flash program whenever a new ECO comes out. This is how to update the hex file embedded in the program and verify files. Use cuteftp to transfer the new hex file from computer to the