Update Hex File For Flash Programming

Since the world is changing, so is our flash program firmware. We need to update our hex file in the flash program whenever a new ECO comes out. This is how to update the hex file embedded in the program and verify files.

Use cuteftp to transfer the new hex file from computer to the network hp3070. Make sure it’s in the “digital” directory. After transferred the hex file, cat ‘digital’ to make sure it’s there.[non-members]please log in to continue reading… Thanks[/non-members][members]

cuteftp cat ditital

Normally, all hex files names should be the same except the version #, we don’t have to type the whole name, just the version #. There are 2 files that use the hex file in flash programming (normally) : program and verify files, sometimes developers use CRC to check the program, but this is NOT a very good way. The best is to use verify with the same hex file to verify the programming. Normally when CRC is used, it’s because the “verify” test is not stable (IMO).

Get ‘digital/program’ and ‘digital/verify’ to change the hex file. I always use “generate static test” to embed the hex file inside the program and verify codes for faster executions.

generate static test get 'digital/program'

Change the new version string name for all old file name. There should be 3 strings replaced: warning, databus and address bus sections. Re-save the program file and get the “verify” file.

change name 3 strings replaced

Do the same for “verify” file if used.

verify file verify file

Re-save the file and compile both files: program and verify with the new hex file.

re-save compile both files in 1 string

Make sure after compile, and “object” files must be produced, if not we can’t test and we need to debug.

object file produced object file produced

Re-flash the gold board, run full testplan to make sure everything works, then release.




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