A8 D3 Glove Box Removal

A8 D3 Glove Box Bottom View

In order to access a few components like the MMI (head unit – 4E0035729(A)), can bus gateway (4E0907468(x)) we need to drop the glove box. It seems to be a big thing, but actually, there are about 8 screws (torx and Phillips)  that hold it to the body. ***If the car is equipped with knee airbag, make

AMI-Ipod Interface 2G

Audi also has CD changers that support (play) mp3 files – 6 CD at 700Mb and average of 4Mb per song, we can store about 1000 songs per changer. The cost for MP3 CD changer is about $400 vs this after market AMI supports iphone/ipod. AMI = Audi Music Interface. My 08 Q7 has it

How To Fix Weak Trunk Motor From Lifting-Audi A8L

turn the gear clockwise until stop

I got the Audi buffers part# 4F5-827-249-B to replace the original ones and they help lifting the trunk without the spring that used to help lifting. Used rivets 1/8″ x 5/16″ from assorted rivets box from Walmart. The Latest Aluminum case trunk lid motor is 4E0 827 852 H – the H is the key.