Our Old Faithful 2008 Q7

Q7 snow 2

No one would believe when I said I’ve spent $0 on fixing my 2008 Q7 since new until now 3/7/2019 but it’s the truth. The car’s been garaged since new, it has 56k miles now, we do take it to the Sierras every winter. We had to change tires one time and they’re still have

A8L D3 Car Cover

Fall is coming, it’s time to keep the A8L nice and clean since it’s going to be outside for a while. I found this inexpensive cover for it, bought it by chance and it fits very nicely. The material is not cloth like some of the premium ones, but it’s not bad and the inside

Q7 After 4 Years and 9 Months

Panoramic Sunroof Screen 2013-03-07 One more month and it’s 5 years old @34k miles. Everything is still solid. Everything is still original, nothing needs to be replaced yet.                This April, our Q7 will be 5 years old, we just took the car to the Sierra last weekend. At 32,600 miles, it