Our Old Faithful 2008 Q7

No one would believe when I said I’ve spent $0 on fixing my 2008 Q7 since new until now 3/7/2019 but it’s the truth. The car’s been garaged since new, it has 56k miles now, we do take it to the Sierras every winter. We had to change tires one time and they’re still have treads on them. I bought the brake pads 2 years ago, never had time to replace and they’re still original. I’ve changed the oil a few times since I only used Mobil 1 (which guaranteed for 15k miles). The battery is still original and starts right up even after weeks of not driving. It’s the best SUV out there according to us. It’s perfect on the snow and hills, yes the gas mileage is horrible 14-16 mpg, but with power it has, we can climb to 8000 ft without any problem. The tiptronic is great for going down the icy and snowy 80. It’s never failed us once all these years.

Like I said with all my Audis, the more you take it to the shop for maintenance, the more chance to get broken by these mechanics mistakes. I only change oil, top up the coolant and brake fluid. The car doesn’t even burn oil. I was going to change to the new Q7 but the third row was electric back on the new one, no air vents, no pop up moon roof, many inconvenient changes for us as a family to have compared to this model.

We went to Reno on the president weekend, it was snowing hard and it took us 9.5 hours due to 80 shutdown, but our Q7 performed quite well. We got hit with an ice rock or something, the first time we see windshield crack in many of our Audis. May be because the weather was so severe, cold and hot from the heater. Anyhow, we love our old faithful Q7.


Q7 in the snow Q7 in the snow Q7 in the snow Q7 in the snow Q7 in the snow Q7 in the snow

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