Create Lion USB Installer With Unibeast

01/31/2018 We should not use any hacked program from  Tonymac86 since installing from vanilla apps is readily available and much easier… Unibeast helps to create a very easy bootable USB install drive for Lion. Make sure the Lion Install App is in the “applications” folder or the Unibeast installation will fail. It should take about

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Mac Wanna Be idog Extra folder. This Extra folder has the DSDT fixed artifacts, sleeps wake 10.6.8 & Lion. 1. This is the latest that fixes artifacts and screen tearing + slider for back light brightness + sleep/wake monitor. 2. 3. For those who doesn’t know how to replace single files, here is

Create Home Movie With Windows Movie Maker

2013-08-12 To change video volume and music volume – Sometimes, I want the video music volume is lower than the original voice of the video.       Most people are using Windows 7 but they don’t know that it does come with a very easy to use movie editing software- . Many would go out