Create Mavericks 10.9.2 USB Boot and Installer With Windows 8 (No Mac)

2015-11-01 How to create El Capitan 10.11 USB installer Windows No Mac.

Kernels_10.11, Kernels_10.11.1, config.plist sample, HFSPlus.efiNTFS.efi.

09/20/2015 New way to create Yosemite 10.10.5 USB installer here.

El Capitan 10.11

12/22/2014 A new version of tutorial is here – Now we only need 1 8GB USB flash drive instead of 3. But we need the download the Paragon Partition 14 free edition in addition to transmac.

For Yosemite – this boot flag must be inserted in the argument – Actually, for all OS X version, just add this boot flag


Files for Clover 10.9.x.

Patched Kernels for Yosemite and Mavericks.

If you use Clover bootloader – to patch on the fly (no need patched kernel) for the kernel panic early reboot (most HP laptop), put the lines in the clover config.plist file – remove the “!”






2014-07-27 A new version of tutorial is here – 28 minutes long but step by step from beginning to end.

Both Clover and Chameleon bootloaders – 34 minutes.

The Clover Boot partition idogclover14 files.

The Chameleon Boot Partition idogchameleon14 files.

Yes, someone asked me about installing Mac OSX Mavericks 10.9.x on Windows 8 PC and Laptop without having a MAC to do all the preparation. There are tons of tutorials out there, but none are clear and proven working on newer laptops. This is the way I do it proven with real installation.

1. Download Mavericks 10.9.2 currently in the Apps store or internet somewhere if you don’t have an account with Apple. I don’t even know if you can download the Mavericks App if you don’t have a mac even if you have the account with itunes. Anyhow, you have to figure it out to obtain either an original Mavericks App or InstallESD.dmg.

2. You need 7zip to extract all these compress files in the Mavericks App, BootDiskUtility, Transmac, Chameleon Bootloader and Chameleon_BS.

3. 3-4 usb flash drives: 2 x 2GB minimum + 1 8gb for full OS X Base System



1. Most of tutorials out there use Transmac to create the OS X BASE installer which fails due to Windows files structrures.

bootdiskutility config copy to

2. The OS X BASE extracted from Windows doesn’t include the “Packages” folder that install important files for MAC OSX.

3. BootdiskUtility is a great program that can restore 3.hfs OS X BASE System file with correct aliases, but locks the partition at 1.2GB which is not enough space to copy “Packages” folder (4.5GB) data to.


1. Use BootDiskUtility to create 2x 1.2GB USBs OS X BASE Systems – Use Transmac to copy mach_kernel to make it boot and installable without “Packages”. Use Multi Patitioning option and change the size of the boot partition to your liking, 64MB default is plenty for Chameleon, but you can change to 128-356MB if the Extra folder is big. There will be 2 partitions created, boot and the rest (depend on your USB size).

bootdiskutility config   BDUPartition_hfs

Select Part2 and click “Restore Partition” to select 3.hfs (1.2GB) OS X Base System file to restore.

BDU Restore   BDU Restore Done

Use Transmac to copy mach_kernel to the OS X Base System root.

copy mach_kernel   copy mach_kernel_base

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