Create Your First Laptop Hackintosh

Update 5/3/2021 – Installed Big Sur 11.3 and everything works perfectly with macBook Pro 13,2.

clover 5130 macbookpro 13,2 kexts

Clover 5130 config  , OpenCore 0.6.6 config ,  if you have the exact same model.

Big Sur 11.3 macBook Pro 13,2

Create your first Laptop Hackintosh means installing macOS Catalina 15.5 on your Windows Laptop. It’s not hard but not easy, the best thing is to understand what needs to be done to get it working just like a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. Thanks to the hackintosh developer communities, hackintosh is much easier now than ever before. The latest macOS is Catalina. We’re going to install macOS Catalina on our Windows Laptops. This tutorial is based on the the, ,

I tried to make this as simple and easiest way to install macOSX onto Windows based Laptop as possible. There are many ways to do it out there, but I believe it’s better to learn and understand the OS rather than blindly cut and paste codes to make it work. If you have questions after reading and watching the videos, I’ll answer but I won’t do anything else. If you used some other ways, then ask the people who know their ways, please don’t mix and match them with mine. for your references.

  • All newer Windows laptops have the Windows serial# embedded in the bios, so we can re-install Windows OS without needing to activate them, it’s automatically.
  • All EFI folders are small, 200Mb-300Mb which should be 500Mb or bigger, so the best is to re-format and re-install Windows 10, make sure to back up all important data first. All the drivers should be on the manufacturers website. We can download all the drivers to a USB flash drive before re-install Windows 10, make sure to set EFI folder to be at least 500Mb. Make sure system is GPT, follow the instructions.
  • After installed Windows 10, create a partition for macOS Catalina, it can be in NTFS because we will erase to APFS when it’s time to install.
  • Choose a perfect SMBIOS for the hackintosh based on our laptop configuration, this is important because macOS Catalina will install hardware features on their particular models. Our sample configs with SMBIOS proven working well with our laptops.
  • Create a 16GB USB flash drive boot loader and Catalina 15.5 installer.
  • Install macOS Catalina 15.5 on an external USB hard drive and make sure it works as desired before installing to the internal hard drive partition.
  • The goal to make a perfect MacBookAir or MacBookPro is to have these working: Graphics, Network (Ethernet, Wifi and Bluetooth), Keyboard and Trackpads, All USB ports, Sounds, HDMI, Sleep/Wake, Brightness, Audio keys.


  • Thank You so much for such a detailed guide. I have the same model hp elitebook and have been happy with the results. I will be ordering the replacement wifi card you requested.
    Wifi Stick DW1820A. Looking forward to my results.

    • If you plan to install Monterey, buy the one that’s supported, I’ve been trying with this DW1820 and it doesn’t seem to work. Work perfectly with Big Sur

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