Dell Latitude 5401 Hackintosh

I got a Dell Latitude 5401 with i7-9850H for my hackintosh because it has 6 cores and 12 threads, it’s light and has matte screen. Most Dell laptops has some problems for hackintosh, this one also has problems with HDMI. The first one is Micron NVME which prevent any boot without Kernel Panic. This one is lucky to have the keyboard and trackpad that works. Even intel WIFI and BT combo.


– CPU: i7-9850H Coffee Lake  UHD 630- Graphics 0900A53E

– Sound: ALC236 – alcid = 15.

– WiFi & BT: Intel AC 9560 – Replaced with BCM94360N – Plug and Play


– Can’t use OpenCore due to SMBIOS doesn’t show up in the system. Use Clover V5151 and works perfectly.

– Must replace Micron NVME because it prevents any bootloader to run without Kernel Panic.

– Will work with both Ventura and Monterey, but Nox player won’t work with Ventura and I like to use Android Apps.

Getting all the files needed to get this to work. There’s an excellent reference here that we can use.


Clover bootloader: I prefer to use Clover because the dual boot Windows and macOS on the same NVME is more reliable and better than OC. I could never get the Windows to boot from the OC menu regardless of what I used, may be I’m not doing it correctly. OC would boot to Windows well if Windows is in a separate physical hard drive. Right now the version is V5151.

SMBIOS: Select MacBookPro 15,4, make sure to check the serial number that’s not in Apple Serial System for iMessage. Use the mac Address from Ethernet as ROM (from Windows or macOS).

VoodooPS2Controler: from rehabman version 1.9.2 which only has 3 kexts in the plugin (missing the voodooinput.kext).

Voodooi2C.kext (v2.8) + Voodooi2CHID.kext (v1.0): These 2 needed for trackpad.

FakeSMC.kexts: I prefer Rehabman FakeSMC.kext and all the sensors that works.

Lilu.kext, Whatevergreen.kext, AppleALC.kext: Get the latest one from here.

RealtekCardReader.kext: MicroSD card reader.

IntelMausi.kext: For intel ethernet.

ECEnabler.kext: use this and the ACPIBatteryManager.kext to display Battery icon.

ACPIBatteryManager.kext: I use this and ECEnabler.kext for Battery.

AlpsHID.kext: for voodooi2CHID.kext.

OpenIntelWireless: Download the correct Airport, BT for Monterey or Ventura.

NvmeFix.kext: For NVME hard drive.

BrightnesKeys.kext: For screen brightness.

Replaced Wifi-Bluetooth Combo with BCM94360NG to get Airdrop working perfectly.

Will continue

Create USBMap.kext for the Laptop

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