October 30, 2012 / 2,274 views / Tips And Tricks | WordPress

Jquery Noconflict WordPress

When I create my blogs with many jquery apps and Mootools, many of them don’t work due to jquery conflicts. The way I made them to work together is to create jquery noconflict for every jquery I use in the header. This is my header with a few of jquery noconflict fixed. Create a specific […]

/ 2,261 views / Android | Toshiba Thrive

Upgrade Toshiba Thrive To Ice Cream Sandwich 4.

Toshiba Thrive is now can be upgraded to Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4. We do need to upgrade step by step from to first. BSplayer and MXplayer also must be upgraded to newer versions to play movies. Plants vs Zombies needs to be updated to work or it will freeze. Update from Honeycomb […]

October 26, 2012 / 3,848 views / plugins | WordPress

How To Use WP-PageNavi And WP-CommentNavi Plugins

I’ve been looking ways to paginate my main page posts list, singles, pages and comments, I couldn’t find any answers until I studied about the plugins from  Lester Chan-GamerZ , among those, WP-PageNavi and WP-CommentNavi, I finally found the way to use them for paginate my pages, posts and comments. This is the way I […]

October 23, 2012 / 57,405 views / Software | Video Encoding

Convert 3D MKV To 2D MKV

If we converted a 3D movie to watch on 3D TV and we decided to watch in 2D TV, we need to convert it back from 3D to 2D. We need a fast computer like i5 or i7 to run efficiently, it would take 90+ minutes to convert 1080p 3D to 2D. All we need […]

October 22, 2012 / 772 views / Television

What To Look For In 3D TVs

So the other day when we’re sitting and talking about 3D TVs, one of my in-laws has a Sony’s and the other has LG’s, the LG’s could use the theater 3D glasses to watch 3D movies and the Sony couldn’t. I Google to find out and LG is passive and Sony is active 3D. So, […]

October 21, 2012 / 1,207 views / Multimedia | Windows

Extract Audio From Music Video DVD

If we have a music video DVD and we like to extract a song from the DVD to MP3 to listen to sometimes, we can do it with a few free software out there. With a fast multi-cores i5 or i7, the task will be very fast. We need a back up software to extract […]

October 20, 2012 / 1,343 views / Internet | Windows

WIFI Slower With Windows 7 Updated Driver

Our wifi adaptors were doing fine until one day they became totally slow in windows 7 due to the latest and greatest driver updated automatically. We didn’t know what happened until we realised the updated driver actually caused it to connect at 54Mbs instead of N-300Mbs. So, we ran the speed test with rolled back […]