Lumix ZS8 System Error (Zoom) Fixed

[title]2014-09-27 From one of the youtube comments by Gray before disassemble the camera try this procedure first.[/title][body] [1] With the camera switched off slide the ‘Zoom lever’ to the right (T) position and hold down the ‘Shutter’ button for a few seconds then switch the camera on. You need to still be holding the ‘Zoom lever’

Remove This Site Has A Coupon Pop Ups

Yahoo toolbar has a built in visicom coupons button that pops up with these annoying “this site has a coupon” ad. It’s very easy to remove, just remove the button. Right click on yahoo tool bar –> add/edit buttons –> change layout –> click visicom coupon x button to delete it –>I’m done!!! Now the