How to Generate SSDT For IvyBridge Yosemite

To get the Yosemite to work perfectly is to get the speed steps and turbo working by generate SSDT for our system. The only program that works is written by Piker-Alpha. The newest version at the moment is V15.2. There is a problem that the SSDT got stuck at 800 MHz. I tried different scenarios and

Post OS X (Yosemite and Mavericks) Installation

Alright, after we installed Mac OS X Yosemite, there are things we need to do to get the laptop working its best. Most of the time, we have to boot with safe mode and in safe mode, ntfs or fat partitions will not be seen by Mac, so the best is to prepared all the necessary kexts

Set Password For Sudo Commands Permanently OS X

When we write scripts, we want to embed sudo command with password automatically for our username. We need to edit the hidden etc/sudoers to add (usersname is our login name). usersname ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL        

Mac OS X Hot Corners

Hot Corners are 4 corners short cuts just like Windows 8 is implementing in Mac OS X. It’s a very nifty and efficient short cuts by moving the mouse cursors to 4 corners and get the actions programmed.

Fix Yosemite OS X From Waking Up After 2 Hours

2014-11-23 – The method below doesn’t really work if the AC power is connected – it still reboots after a few hours. I found this fix for the RTC Alarm which works through the night with AC power on, although it has some inconvenient stuff. I used this method now. The inconvenient stuff is: 1.