How To Fix fseventsd-uuid File Prevents Mac OS X From Emptying Trash

If you dual boot Windows and Mac OS X, sometimes, you will encounter an error when emptying the trash bin in Mac. The file that cause the problem is fseventsd-uuid from Windows. The only way to fix it is to boot to Windows and run disk repair or chkdsk. When it’s done, boot back to

Operation Couldn’t Be Completed. Undefined Error:0

When I was installing El Capitan 10.11 using Clover USB flash boot, I got the “operation couldn’t be completed. Undefined Error: 0. Quit the installer to restart your computer and try again. The reason is either the corrupted flash drive or missing all the hidden files in the InstallESD.dmg. I re-created the USB installer and

How To Fix System Fan Error (90B) and Excessive Noise on HP x360 Laptop

After 10-11 months use of the HP x360 15-u011dx i7-4510u, I had 2 problems, the bad battery and now, the excessive fan noise and the System Fan Error (90B). The error 90B is caused by the fan blade touching the fan case due to excessive play in the bearing and the shaft and the system