Jquery Image Preview

2012-08-15 Since I don’t know how to resize the preview images, I had to implement the James.Padolsey ways to limit my image preview to width of 500px. <a class=”webpage” title=”James Padolsey Image Preview” href=”//james.padolsey.com/demos/imgPreview/full/” rel=”/idogjs/ipreview/imgPreviewDemos.jpg” target=”_blank”>James.Padolsey</a> ways to limit my image preview to width of 500px.</em></p> Need 3 links from the website and put them […]

plugins Pop-ups

MooImageTip For WordPress

03/16/2017 Now we use Jquery image preview. I’ve been using MooImageTip for NucleusCMS for a while and I liked it. It’s been new to me on WordPress, I’m writing this so I can remember how I make it work in WordPress. The website for MooImageTip Since I’m using Mediabox Advanced 1.2.5 which also use Mootools, […]


All Pop Ups On A Page

There are many pop-ups (modals) software out there to make the page display pictures and other stuff looks beter. These are some of the ones I like. ShadowBox PrettyPhoto FancyBox 2 Mediabox Advanced ImagePreview Used together with Mediabox Advanced <p style=”text-align: center;”><a title=”imagepreview” href=”/media/91alfaspider/91alfa0.jpg” rel=”lightbox”><img style=”vertical-align: baseline; border: 3px solid black;” title=”My Alfa” src=”/media/91alfaspider/91alfa0.jpg” alt=”My […]


Fancybox 1.3.4

03/16/2017 Now we prefer Magnific-Popup over all. 01/25/2016 Fancybox 1 now is fancyBox2. Due too many script conflict – the old fancybox134 must stand alone for demo. The Fancybox website… Please go here for more information and donate if you like it To install this on WordPress, we need to add all the scripts before the </head> […]


PrettyPhoto 3.1.2

  The prettyPhoto website… Please go here for more information and donate if you like it We need to place all the files needed in the header.php of the theme we use. If we’re using many jquery then we should make no-conflict jquery for this plugin also. Notice ‘/prettyphoto’ is ‘prettyphoto’ folder in the root […]